Lawbre Dollhouses

Lawbre Miniature 1"-Scale Dollhouses

Several different architectural styles are available. 

Lawbre Houses are true to scale and have the greatest amount of detail available. We construct our houses with the highest-grade materials we can find and pay great attention to every detail. We handcraft each house in our workshop after you place your order, which enables us to ensure the quality of each piece that we create.  It also allows you to direct us to customize and paint your house to your individual taste.

Most houses and house kits that are available on the market are produced overseas. This allows for lower pricing, but quality and trueness to scale suffer as a consequence. If you are looking for a house that can be passed down generation to generation or a piece that really stands out, then you will want a Lawbre house.

Our houses and special projects can be found in many museums, including the Smithsonian Institution. Please take a look, and contact us if you have any questions.