About Us

For over thirty years, The Lawbre Company has focused on creating finely detailed miniature houses and accessories. Miniatures artisans and crafters alike know us for our unique products and our standards of high quality and superior craftsmanship.

We design, build, cast, and paint all of our products in our studios by hand. This hand crafting of our products allows for slight variations and imperfections, but you'll find that our unique miniatures bear a higher quality and finer detail than what you may find in other mass-produced items on the market.

We are dedicated to continuing the quality and attention to detail that the founders of the Lawbre Company established many years ago by using the best materials that we can find and ensuring the correctness of scale. We know that our customers come to us for that house that is a work of art worth passing down to the next generation. Look for our work in the Smithsonian Institution and in several other museums to capture an idea of the quality and craftsmanship you are getting when you purchase from The Lawbre Company.

Our Philosophy

We believe that if we are going to do it, we want to do it right. Keep the scale correct, the quality high, the materials the best, and the craftsmanship second to none.